Fred's Skills

Creating destinations
and concepts


Real estate is diverse. A core factor that we wholeheartedly embrace. With a history of notable experience within the market, FRED has acquired key expertises. As a company we specialize in project development, renovations, area development and transformations. Though very different, every single one of these branches is approached with extensive knowledge and a distinctive drive.

Real Estate Development

It is where FRED makes visions come to life. Where we see what needs to be done and choose for the ‘hands on’ practice. When an empty canvas seeks new purpose we orchestrate the process to achieve it, with flying colors. Therefore we always choose to work with the best in the industry to achieve greatness within every development project. From the architects to the contractors, we partner with appraised companies, so that destinations live up to their full potential in a durable manner.


Durability also means to retain when possible. When structures hold sentiment due to their history, their relationship with the location or their recognizable shape, we are also fully equipped to retain and restore them. When renovating we strive to showcase such sentiment in the design, by pulling it into the 21st century for new generations to enjoy. Sustainable practice is always key in such projects.
We therefore always aim for an “all electric ap- proach”, as part of our renovation strategy.

Area Development

The surrounding factors are the compass of such develop- ments. It means for us to analyze thoroughly, to join the local conversation and to converse with the local munici- pality. At FRED we always seek to answer local needs, es- pecially within area development. Such practices add to local livability that can also be placed in future scenarios. Area development therefore asks for outstanding exper- tise and focus. FRED takes on such unique and adventur- ous challenges, with success.


To turn the tables within a project. If a destination needs to change its focus to work to the advantage of the public and its location, we are capable of taking on that chal- lenge. Insight and experience are key ingredients when deciding on such a transformation. But when a place is in need of a new function we work with the best experts and architects to make sure it fulfills a new role perfectly and sustainably.