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Create Destinations

FRED’S work

We build. And we build beautifully. Whilst always ensuring quality in every detail of our projects, we orchestrate innovative and futureminded developments. Our real estate projects vary immensely. We engage in inner-city renovation projects such as Raamplein, Amsterdam. Whilst also taking on profound area developments. Nieuw Kijkduin in The Hague being a prime example. Born out of Fortress Real Estate, FRED has made countless memorable impressions within our living environment. Both in the Netherlands and across country borders. And we passionately continue to do so. Curious about our projects?


Real estate is diverse. A core factor that we wholeheartedly embrace. With a history of notable experience within the market, FRED has acquired key expertises. As a company we specialize in real estate development, renovations, area development and transformations. Though very different, every single one of these branches is approached with extensive knowledge and a distinctive drive.

FRED’S story

Experience is key. An important element that FRED keeps top of mind. As a real estate developer, we aim to create destinations. Places that facilitate and color the bustle of our existence. Our work, our home, our leisure. With every new project we evaluate the surroundings and needs of those involved. We keep the end-user in mind throughout the entire development. With a keen eye for outstanding architecture, our goal is to build places people are drawn to. Places where society is intrigued to connect. FRED develops durable real estate that positively influences quality of life for now and future generations.


FRED’S people

Meet our team. The engine behind FRED’s extensive work. In our company we mix richly experienced real estate professionals with fresh faces and their crisp views. It is this synergy that keeps FRED energetic and on point. Knowledgeable but inventive. We choose to stay small and quick on our feet. For our lines of communication to be short and our effectiveness to be profound. Ambition and creativity is what drives our people to accomplish great things. At FRED, we raise the bar every day to create and facilitate the best real estate destinations possible.


Keep up with FRED. Here you can read our stories. Read what we do and see what we experience. At FRED we have milestones to celebrate moments to take in, and accomplishments to recognize. These are things we want to share with you. So read our news and learn what’s new in the world of real estate. What’s new in FRED’s world. 


We celebrate our roots. This is exactly why Fortress is an explicit part of who we are. It is where we come from. For almost 50 years, Fortress has been a multidisciplinary real estate company. A renowned source of experience and knowledge within the industry. Fortress focuses on the purchase, repositioning and management of real estate (portfolios). To all parties, and FRED especially, Fortress is an inspiring and creative initiator and co-creator within real estate.

The Raph

Our office is where we thrive. An inspiring arena for FRED’s people and our partners in real estate. This renovated church can’t help but inspire us to go above and beyond in our work. It’s where we draw the first lines of our projects and take them all the way to completion. We have plenty of meeting rooms, a spacious set up filled with art and modern décor and a bar that serves both the history of the building as its guests. The RAPH also rents out working spaces for colleagues in Real Estate.