Vughtse Hart

Realized / Vught

Project description

The Vughtse Heart project between the St. Petruskerk and the municipality offices was completed in spring 2014.  This development perfectly matches the appearance of the historic part of the city centre. The development consists of a parking garage, a shopping centre with a Jumbo Supermarket as largest point of interest, offices and restaurants on the ground floor. The floors contain apartments which are accessible from the garage. The apartments have a common private roof garden.



Raadhuisstraat and Secretaris van Rooijstraat, Vught

Living, working, shops & restaurants and parking.

3,200 m² VVO commercial spaces, 580 m2 VVO office, 31 owned and 17 rented apartments, and 208 parking spaces.


Phase Development

Completed Q2 – 2014


Start of construction



Implementation Period

2011 – 2014



Completed Q2 – 2014


Purchase Prices / Rent

Houses from €255,000, including transaction costs and parking space

Penthouse € 725,000, including transaction costs and parking space



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