Marina 't Bosch

In development / Amsterdam

Project description

Realising replacement buildings (water lofts) for the existing hangar on the Jollenpad in the form of multiple multifunctional loft spaces in which offices, businesses, shops and / or showrooms can be established. There are parking spaces and a covered boat moorage below the lofts. In addition, the whole area will be given a facelift and small leisure activities in the form of water-related activities and shore recreation will be added. New facilities will be built in the marina and the existing boat moorings will be renewed.



Jollenpad 10, Amsterdam

Marina, small (nautical) activity, recreation and water sports.

1,200 m2  small-scale activities (water lofts), 75 boat moorings and 4 houseboats, including redesign  of public space.


Phase Development



Start of construction (in phases)

To be determined


Implementation Period

To be determined



To be determined


Purchase Prices / Rent




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