Nieuw Kijkduin - Fase 2

In development / The Hague

Project description

The Nieuw Kijkduin all-season resort will soon be arising on the shoreline of Kijkduin. Nieuw Kijkduin is a unique area development which combines a perfect mix of living,shopping,restaurants and entertainment. With the beach as your front garden, you will be within easy walking of the Kijkduin Boulevard or Deltapromenade where you can do your shopping at the Fresh food market ‘Daily Taste’ or enjoy a delicious dinner. An entirely new living experience that allows both residents and visitors to enjoy the good life.

Nieuw Kijkduin is developed in two fases. The first two buildings are Poniente and Vendaval, both have already been realised. The last five buildings are still to be built, these are Gregale, Sirocco, Lombarde, Levanter and Tramontana. Both the buildings Vendaval and Gregale are rental appartments, the other complexes contain  luxury apartments and penthouses that are for sale.

Living at the beach yet close to the city of The Hague (only 20 min. to the city centre).


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